Pastor Ng’ang’a Relocates to The US

Neno Evangelist Pastor Ng’ang’a revealed his intentions to go from Kenya to the United States and begin a new life there a few hours ago. He continued by saying that since his wife gave birth there and the child is now an American citizen, he has decided to move there with his family.

He claims that in order to launch a new ministry and attempt to save Americans from the effects of sin, he wants to sell his five-star hotel in Nairobi, which is located along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. He is asking for about $800 million for the church, though there is some room for negotiation.

His need for money to support his intentions to expand his ministry in the United States is claimed to be the driving force for the transaction. Ng’ang’a hopes to establish a Sh600 million church in the United States.

The preacher, who now has family in the United States, revealed his intention to settle permanently there and that he has already started making plans to start his religious mission there.

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