Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has censured Deputy President William Ruto’s hustler and bottom-up campaigns terming them as divisive.

CS Wamalwa, speaking during the launch of the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) on Tuesday, accused the DP of dividing the nation at a time when leaders should be speaking about unity.

The CS argued that the agenda initiated by DP Ruto sought to split Kenyans on the basis of their social classes and financial capacity.

“For those who speak for the hustlers, and those who speak for dynasties, we ask them, who will speak for Kenya?” Wamalwa posed.

“If you divide us along the lines of the rich and the poor, the have and the have nots, the Muslims and the Christians, who will speak for Kenya?”

CS Wamalwa consequently urged Kenyans to consider Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja movement which he said is meant to unite Kenyans at all calibers.

He emphasized that DAP-K had deliberately chosen to enter into a coalition with Azimio la Umoja due to its firm unity agenda and empowering vision for citizens.

“Leo nimeskia hapa mkisema wazi mmepeana uongozi wa chama hiki licha ya kwenda wasemezane na vyama vingine katika Azimio,” Wamalwa noted.

“We want to embark on the journey of national unity. We want to build one indivisible nation called Kenya.”

At the same time, the CS hit out at ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi saying he was not a favourite in the 2022 contest as the battle will likely be a two-horse race between Odinga and DP Ruto.

“We want to be part of a nation which will speak for one nation, one people and one Kenya. Na hio si One Kenya Alliance, si kuna tofauti? Sababu ni kuwa farasi ni wawili. It is very clear to me that the next president is going to be Raila or Ruto,” he stated.

He went on to urge the Mudavadi to consider declaring his political stand, cautioning that failure to do so would amount to misleading his people.

“Ambieni ndugu yangu Musalia Mudavadi, akiendelea kusalia hapo kati kati ya OKA, Musalia atafanya musalie nje ya serikali. Today we are here to make a decision. we’re moving forward,” Wamalwa said.

Courtesy Citizen Digital

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