ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has said he fears no man except God and will tell the truth to the youth he claimed have been misled by some politicians.

Mucheru said on Sunday that many people called him after his recent remarks that Deputy President William Ruto’s hustler narrative was misleading young people. 

Many asked whether he did not fear the DP after his remarks during the NCCK General Assembly youth function on Monday.

The CS said he was angry to see the youth being misled and vowed not to sit back and listen as Kenyans are being told lies despite his being a government minister.

He said he has the responsibility to raise his voice when Kenyans are being told lies, saying the government is doing a lot for the youth and Kenyans in general.

 “I decided I must speak and give the youth a chance to know the truth,” he said.

He rubbished the hustler narrative and said Kenya belongs to all Kenyans irrespective of their social status and they should not be divided.

Every Kenyan has an equal responsibility to take part in the country’s building, said Mucheru at King’ong’o PCEA Church in Nyeri town.ICT CS Joe Mucheru (right) attends a church service at King’ong’o PCEA Church in Nyeri town on Sunday

Kenya is not ready to be divided and end up going the 2007-08 way, he said.

“You should remember that Kenya holds an important position at the United Nations Security Council. In fact last month, I was there where I represented Kenya in cyber security,” he said.

He said Kenyan youths have achieved a lot, citing athletes who have excelled in sports, M-Pesa among other innovations that have put Kenya on the world map and advised the youth not to buy any narrative that will make them feel inferior.

Mucheru hit out at the DP for fighting the BBI, saying as a result, Nyeri will lose three constituencies which are Othaya, Tetu and Mukurwe-ini.

The three constituencies are among 27 other protected ones that risk being scrapped.

The CS called on Mt Kenya people to be keen on the ongoing politics to ensure that they are not misled by some politicians and called on the church to pray for the country and President Kenyatta.

He said the country was going to hold a National Youth Council elections and asked the church in Nyeri to ensure its people go for the seats so that God-fearing people who can give other Kenyans direction can be elected.

This, he said, will ensure that they show the country the direction to take so that by 2022, the youth, who are 75.1 per cent of the population, can win elective seats.

By The Star

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