As Deputy President-elect Rigathi Gachagua awaits his swearing into office, his spouse Pastor Dorcas Rigathi is set to become Kenya’s Second Lady.

According to Dorcas, being the Second Lady of Kenya has come with its share of challenges, as all eyes are on her and the state has deployed personnel to keep her safe.

Speaking to NTV at her Karen residence, Dorcas said she is prepared to take the responsibility that God has bestowed upon her shoulders.

“There is too much publicity, everyone wants to know when I go outside. What has changed is too much presence of security, I am not able to go to the supermarket…everyone is looking, drawing too much attention to me,” she said.

“It is abit constraining and limit because I am a social person, I like talking with people, going for my shopping. I am starting to want to be my natural self. But I still serve,” she added.

Dorcas noted that Kenyans are expecting much from the new leadership, and that she will serve them in her capacity as second lady.

Her main focus will be elevating the lives of the vulnerable in the society, specifically the boy child, who she says has been neglected for long.

“If you go around…you don’t even need to ask anybody… you will find many in the streets taking drugs, a lot of depression, desperation and hopelessness, so we would like to see a situation where the girlchild and boy child are brought up together and given equal opportunities. Especially rehabilitation of the boy child,” she said.

The mother added that she is passionate about helping widows, and her ministry will continue to do so.

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