Amount KDF Earn Per Month

The Kenya Defense Forces recruitment exercise commenced on 28th, August 2023 in various recruitment centres across the country and it will end on 8th, September.

KDF are paid based on their rank and the number of years they have served in the forces. The lowest rank in KDF, that of a private, is paid a basic salary of Ksh.27,000 per month.

As the KDF personnel climb the ranks, their salaries increases. A Corporal in the Kenya Defence Forces is paid Ksh.35,000 per month. A Sergeant earns Ksh.43,000 and a Staff Sergeant earns Ksh.51,000.

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At the higher ranks, a Warrant Officer earns Ksh.63,000, a 2nd Lieutenant earns Ksh.83,000, a Lieutenant earns Ksh.98,000 while a Captain earns Ksh.113,000. Senior officers such as Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, and Colonels earn Ksh. 130,000, Ksh.160,000 and Ksh.200,000 respectively.

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In addition to their basic salaries, KDF personnel receive several other benefits, including housing, medical, and transport allowances. These allowances are based on the rank and years of service of the personnel and can range from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.50,000.

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