Huge Amount Ruto is Earning Per Month

President Ruto’s monthly earnings, as revealed by the Salary and Remuneration Committee (SRC), amount to Ksh. 1,443,750.

This sum encompasses a basic salary of Ksh. 866,250 and a house allowance of Ksh. 350,000, supplemented by a market adjustment pay of Ksh. 227,500, alongside various other listed benefits.

Additionally, the president receives substantial loyalties from both business and political supporters, augmenting his overall income.

In the context of Kenyan salaries, President Ruto stands among the highest earners, boasting a gross income exceeding Ksh. 1.4 million monthly.

Delving into the perks accorded to the Head of State, the comprehensive package includes an official car aligned with government transport policies, extensive medical benefits covering inpatient, maternity, dental, and optical care, with varying rates.

Furthermore, President Ruto is entitled to retirement benefits dictated by the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act of 2003, encompassing group life insurance three times the annual pensionable emoluments and a group personal accident policy of equivalent value.

His official position affords him a daily subsistence allowance for both local and foreign travels, airtime allocation up to KES 20,000 monthly, and an official residence replete with corresponding amenities and attendants.

The security arrangements for the president are in accordance with recommendations from the Inspector-General of Police, ensuring his safety. Additionally, an Annual Leave Allowance of Ksh. 50,000 per annum is granted.

While the disclosed monthly figure surpasses Ksh. 1.5 million, the cumulative monthly income of President Ruto is estimated to reach tens of millions when factoring in additional sources of revenue.

In essence, President Ruto’s compensation extends beyond the confines of his official salary, encompassing a comprehensive array of benefits and allowances that underscore the financial stature accompanying the highest office in the country.

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