A 56-year-old man is nursing serious injuries at Nyambene Hospital in Meru County after his wife, in her mid-40s, allegedly chopped off one of his testicles at their home in Akolone village in Igembe North Constituency.

The woman; Karambu Meme, is said to have attacked her husband Meme Kabati for supposedly failing to satisfy her sexually.

Confirming the incident, Ntunene area Assistant Chief Edward Mutalii said that after receiving the disturbing news, he hurriedly went to the scene only to find part of the victim’s testicles lying on the floor.

Family members present revealed that the woman constantly subjected the victim to painful squeezing of his manhood complaining he had never satisfied her.

The police processed the scene and apprehended the woman.

The suspect is in custody awaiting arraignment.

Source: Citizen

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