How Akothee’s Mzungu Hubby Hired Fake Old Men Pakistan to Con Her

Omosh, a man whose marriage to Akothee lasted only two months before they divorced abruptly, has made a shocking confession about how he did things throughout their marriage.

Fans and outsiders alike are completely taken aback by this development. Omosh’s entire sham has been exposed as false, including the “relatives” he brought to the dowry negotiation in Siaya.

The public’s fascination with Omosh and Akothee’s whirlwind romance faded when their marriage fell apart just two months after their lavish wedding, prompting investigations into the reasons for their hasty divorce.

Negotiating a dowry is a sign of honor and loyalty in African culture. However, Omosh presented a group of elderly men as his kinsmen during the dowry discussions with Akothee.

It turns out these elderly men weren’t his relatives at all but rather hired help from a Swiss retirement home.

After learning that Omosh had hired imposter old men to pose as his family, basic questions about his genuine nature were raised, casting major doubt on his honesty and intents throughout the relationship.

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