Since Infortrak and Ipsos Synovate started doing opinion polls close to 2 decades ago, very few politicians have scored an approval rate of 80%. Nicholas Maitha who is the current MCA of Thange Ward has entered an exclusive club of leaders who have had such an approval rate.

In the recent opinion polls, the MCA who is seeking a second term scored 80% approval rate. The polls were conducted in all locations of Thange Ward. This prompted K24 News reporter to visit Thange Ward to see why the MCA was endorsed overwhelmingly.

A tout in Kinyambu Town stage says the results were expected. ‘Huyo jamaa amefanya kazi sana yeye si wale viongozi mkichagua wanapotea, ndio maana tumesema mwezi wa nane lazima tumrudishe kwa bunge la kaunti’, he said.

A businessman in Machinery Town named Philip also held a similar opinion. “Mimi kwanza nilikuwa nadhani atapata 100% kwa sababu ya ile kazi amefanya, ametia bidii sana upande wa maji na barabara,’ he said.

This seems like the mood in the entirety of Thange Ward. Residents seem to have a consensus that Nicholas Maitha has set a bar when it comes to service delivery.

What has endeared him to the residents is because he created a work plan that he has stuck with. In a recent interview, he said that he was guided by three issues that affect his electorate: Water, poor feeder roads and fees for needy students.

Maitha has also acted as a link between the national government and the people. He has lobbied for electrical connectivity in rural areas a process that is now underway.

A lady from Matulani village named Mueni tells us she will vote for Maitha so that he can continue lobbying for electrification program. She is full of praise for the MCA

“Maitha pekee ndiye kiongozi mwenye anatujali huku Makueni, ametupigania tupate stima na juzi tumeona transformer inataka kuwekwa hapa karibu na nyumbani, naomba tumpigie kura kwa wingi ndio amalizie kazi nzuri yenye ameanza,’ Mueni says.

Many people opine that Maitha should have gone for a higher seat since he has demonstrated that he has good leadership qualities. Maitha on his part says he decided to defend his seat because there are many projects he started on his first term which he would love to see through.

‘Maybe in future I might vie for a higher seat but now I am focused on serving my people at Thange and finishing projects that we have started,’ Maitha say. He adds, ‘For example, we wrote a proposal to Urban poor through Kimawasco and we have been given Sh 16 million to start a water project in Machinery Town, we will construct a 15 thousand cubic litre water reservoir that will serve the entire town.’

He will be the first MCA to see the eradication of water scarcity in the region.

If Kenya had dedicated leaders like Nicholas Maitha, the country would fast track from a third word country to a developed nation. Although Maitha has decided to defend his MCA seat, many people are hoping in future he will vie for a bigger seat so that his leadership can benefit a larger region of Makueni County.

With an 80% approval rate, the MCA is almost vying unopposed. Every resident involved says they will wake up early on 9th August to Vote for Nicholas Maitha as Thange Ward MCA.

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