Customers appreciate mitumba since the styles aren’t conventional, making them distinctive to their style.

Keziah Nyaga was certain that starting a business would lead to financial success. However, she could not conceive of any business that she could start in Nairobi with her meagre money.

Develop a business plan

Keziah built a kiosk at Gikomba Market and began selling kids’ mitumba (second-hand) garments after accumulating money for a year. “I acquired many bales of used clothing that I planned to sell wholesale to rural shops.”

Track and save your profits

Her mitumba business grew to the point that she could earn between KES200, 000 and KES300,000 in a good month. “However, in a terrible month, I’d make KES50,000,” she says. However, a large portion of her earnings went back into the company.

“I had a lot of money flowing through my hands, but I didn’t make much money.” “I could trade combined transactions of a million or more in a matter of months,” Keziah added.

To retain and develop the client base, one must be very aware of customer wants and preferences.

She founded Kezdelights Planners, an events firm, using KES200,000. “I was careful because I wanted to do everything perfectly straight away.”

“At first, it appeared to be a futile attempt. Clients were few, and I was worried that I would fail. But I stood firm in my convictions.” Her patience and perseverance eventually paid off.

I knew this was going to be the thing that got me to billionaire status.” To gather experience, she participated in a short course at Samantha Bridal’s WMBA while interning with an established event planner.

She began by organizing modest birthday parties to get experience with the event planning abilities she required and then began marketing it through word of mouth.

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