By Wahome Thuku

ALL newly elected Jubilee,.Wiper and Independent MPs should decamp to Kenya Kwanza. Don’t worry what the law says should happen to them, they should just decamp.

I don’t think Ruto’s government will need oversight. I don’t think it will need checks and balances. I don’t think it will need opposition or even need to be kept on its toes. It has no toes.

The Kenyan clergy are already inside the Ruto administration. Some diplomats are already their foot soldiers. This will be an administration made in heaven for real.

We are waiting for the swearing in, so that fertiliser can drop to 1,500 in a week. Unga to drop to 90. Ksh50 billion in the budget for Hustlers, free bundles, free education. Who would want to oppose such a government?

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