Azimio la Umoja Executive Director, Raphael Tuju, says the political faction was happy with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) decision not to call for a re-run in the August 9 presidential election.

Speaking to Ramogi TV on Friday, August 19, Tuju explained that the electoral Commission led by Wafula Chebukati would still use the same system in the re-run, with Azimio maintaining that such a system was flawed.

Defending his sentiments, Tuju maintained that moving to the Supreme Court will identify loopholes in the entire electioneering process and thus help the Commission conduct transparent polls in the future.

Tuju reiterated that the IEBC system was compromised and thus favoured Kenya Kwanza. The former Jubilee Secretary General poked holes at the ballot printing tendering process, which he stated was shrouded with controversies.

“We would have loved if the results were a re-run. However, we are happier that we are moving to the Supreme Court because even if we went back to the polls, we would have to use the same compromised system,” Tuju stated.

“Elections are not about voting, counting votes and announcement of winners. The process starts with the printing of ballots. If someone prints more ballots then it can be used in ballot stuffing.”

On the division among IEBC commissioners, Tuju accused Chebukati of sidelining his colleagues, basing his argument on the arrival of the first batch of ballot papers, catching some commissioners unawares.

He added that the Commission ignored some concerns raised by Azimio’s leader, Raila Odinga, including the use of a manual register in case the KIEMS kits failed.

“Form 34A was printed in two ballots. Many suspicious things happened the plot to rig started early. These are some of the reasons the commissioners are divided because Chebukati was doing some of these things alone. All these will come out in the Supreme court,” Tuju remarked.

Addressing the issues Azimio’s legal team will raise at the Supreme Court, Tuju noted that the outfit will compel IEBC to explain the ballot printing tendering process and how the deal to use technology was struck.

On the hand, Raila, while meeting religious leaders on Saturday, August 20, added that his team will submit evidence to the Supreme court to prove that the election was botched.

He, however, reached out to his supporters to maintain peace as he sought justice.

“IEBC had referees with different judgement to decide on the winner of this election. They were given mandate to oversee election in this country but they have brought shame to the entire nation. This is the reason why the country is not in a celebratory mood despite a winner having been announced,” Raila stated.

IEBC chairperson declared William Ruto president-elect despite the chaos and dissenting observations from some of the commissioners led by IEBC vice chairperson Juliana Cherera, Francis Wanderi, Justus Nyangaya, and Irene Masit.

They explained that the process was opaque and that the number released by Chebukati were erroneous.

Responding to their accusations, Chebukati stated that the four commissioners wanted to force a re-run.

Source: Kenyans.

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