Mary Wanyonyi, the wife of IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has asked Kenyans to pray for her husband and family as the August 9 polls draw close.

During the burial of her mother on Saturday, Mary shared that her husband’s role in the upcoming polls is crucial for the whole family, because he is at the helm of the polls body.

“As we approach the elections, pray for us as a family. I know my husband wants to follow the law. Sometimes we see him on TV more than we do at home, because of this job. Now that I see him here, I thank him a lot for getting time to put his work aside to mourn with us,” She said.

Mary added that the family was disturbed during the 2017 General Election, which occurred on Chebukati’s first term in office.

“In the other election (2017) our children were very sad. But right now they are energetic, even him (Cebukati), every morning we pray for him, asking God to give him wisdom to serve this country,” she added.

Mary’s plea follows a concern by Chebukati that IEBC staff are being profiled and facing all manner of accusations.

During a joint Media interview last week, the commission’s chair said the profiling has inflicted fear among its officials, more so, those in the ICT department.

“It is actually very sad that at this point in time we have people who are hellbent on trying to profile IEBC staff for purposes that we don’t understand. I think it is unfortunate and it is an issue that people who are behind it should stop,” he said.

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