Parents of AIC Ndune Secondary School in Makima, Meru County, have threatened to withdraw their students from the institution over allegations that the principal is always intoxicated.

The principal, they said, has failed to change his ways despite having been reprimanded for his actions by many concerned parents.

The parents said efforts to report him to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have also not been acted on by the authority.

AIC Ndune Secondary School BOM Chairperson James Utu

“No school deserves to have a teacher of this caliber, in fact to mention the name principal against his name is actually an insult to the title. He doesn’t deserve to have that title let alone being a teacher,” the School’s BOM Chairperson James Utu told Citizen Digital.

According to Joseph Nguta, a parent at the school, due to the principal’s intoxication, the institution has stopped functioning as effectively as it should be.

“Sometimes when he is drunk he can even send our kids home for no reason. He even organizes parent-teacher meetings but fails to show up because of over-engaging in alcohol. This is the reason why many parents don’t show up for these meetings anymore,” Nguta said.

The parents similarly accused the principal of misappropriating school funds to fuel his vice.

“He is actually using the school funds in the wrong manner and we have a mandate as the BOM to ensure funds are used correctly,” Rael Maingi, another parent, said.

On his part, Pastor Boniface Kieti of the AIC Church slammed the principal for corrupting the morals of his students and advocating the use of intoxicants. The AIC church is the official sponsor of the secondary school.

“He is corrupting our children’s morals and we don’t want that. In some instances, when drunk, he also harasses female students and that cannot be tolerated,” Kieti said.

The BOM Chairperson has since asked TSC to take action against the principal in order to set an example for other school heads who are abusing their offices.

“Our ask is that the TSC ensures that this teacher doesn’t step in this school. We don’t want to have our students wasted. He is not helping our children and neither is his drunkenness,” said Mr. Utu.

Courtesy Citizen Digital

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