Sir James Muunda has continued to define politics of Timbwani Ward in Likoni Constituency. The experienced politician and renowned philanthropist continues to be the choice of many in Timbwani. Opinion polls have consistently put him ahead of other contestants.

What makes James Muunda a cut above the rest is how he interacts with everyone in Likoni. Unlike many contestants who have just come to Timbwani to vie, James Muunda has lived in the area. He has worked for the people of Timbwani for many years using his own resources as he is a very generous person.

James Muunda has a clarity of what he needs to do once he gets elected as an MCA of Timbwani:

  1. Introduce a bill in Mombasa County Assembly to reduce the tax of small and medium businesses. With the cost of living high, people are not supposed to be charged exorbitant prices for taxes.
  2. Introduce street lights in every part of Timbwani to reduce insecurity.
  3. Have a designated fund kitty for women and youth.
  4. Through ward fund, give needy students bursaries.
  5. Lobby the county government to pave all roads in Timbwani.

The choice has never been this easy. On 9th August if you want to see change in your area, vote for James Muunda as Timbwani Ward MCA.

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