Willis Austin Chimano of all boys band Sauti Sol came out as gay in August 2020 during a photoshoot where he introduced his mzungu boyfriend.

In the photo posted on social media by Sauti Sol, each of the quartet’s singer is seen posing with their partners.

The three straight singers – Savara, Bien, and Polycarp are seen in a romantic posture with their ladies while for Chimano he is seen posing next to his male mzungu lover.

Fast forward to 2021, Chimano opened up about discovering his true sexuality during an interview with Wabosha Maxine on her podcast series, ‘Letter to my younger self’.

Chimano opened up about his love life saying his first crush was different because he had feelings for men unlike his straight peers who were crushing on women.

“It was different because I was different. I will keep it at that. What I liked was not necessarily what most people liked. As a teenager that is when I realized that and I said ‘cool’,” said Chimano.

The gay singer further called on fellow homosexuals to be contented with their true sexuality and fight off societal stigma when he was asked what advice he would give someone in his situation.

“You are amazing and that there is nothing wrong with you. If anyone tells you otherwise, you tell them that that is a ‘they problem’ and not a ‘you problem’. You will go through emotional turmoil,” said Chimano.

He added that;

“It isn’t world war three. People will say a lot of things but stand your ground and be happy. You’re going to be okay. Also, be careful. We are still in a place where such support can be far and far between.

“You almost don’t have a space to fail. Let your feelings flow. Aim for excellence for even your peace of mind. You fight with so much of what society is. Even how do you talk, how do you? It’s such an ongoing fight. People don’t let people be. Opinions evolve over time in society.”

Meanwhile popular lesbian Makena Njeri has called on LGBTQ+ society in Kenya to speak up against atrocities committed against their members.

“Silence is betrayal. The rights of one person are diminished when the rights of any person are threatened.

“Section 162 of the Kenyan Penal code should be abolished. This is not a law. It is a betrayal to our democracy; of our basic human rights.. It is being used as a weapon. It is a death sentence. It has killed so many on our own soil 🇰🇪, our brothers and sisters 🏳️‍🌈. We shall not be quiet, we will be BOLD for our generation and those to come.

“We will speak up so that YOUR children won’t be jobless or die of health issues because they don’t have access to hospitals. They won’t be raped, tortured or killed because of who they are, how they identify or who they love.

“The Kenyan constitution states that every person is equal before the law and shall enjoy equal protection by the law. All persons have the right to full enjoyment of essential rights and fundamental freedoms including the right to equal political, economic, social and cultural opportunities. Why does this not apply people in the LGBT community who are equally Kenyan? We need answers. We won’t stop. What’s your role? Pass this on,” wrote Makena Njeri.

Sourced from Sonko news

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