Typically, it is the woman who gives birth in a relationship. However, with a rise in couples identifying as LGBTQ, the roles are being reversed.

On Thursday, June 3, a transgender man divulged that he unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy.

27-year-old Nino, who identifies as transgender, said he initially thought it was the call of nature, only to deliver a child in the toilet.

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Nino noted that never in a million years did he imagine he would get pregnant.

“I thought I needed to go to the toilet only to realise it was a baby. Doctors found out I had carried the baby to full term, yet I did not have any symptoms to indicate I was expectant,” he said.

According to Nino’s girlfriend Joseline, who is also transgender, they had planned that she would be the one to bear children when the time comes.

“I wish I was the one who got pregnant because he identifies as male. He did not know he was pregnant. We realised he was pregnant because he gave birth,” she said.

Speaking during TV show Hooked On The Look, Nino said he realised he was transgender aged 18, and he started taking hormones.

“I look like a man, and my girlfriend looks like a woman because we take hormones,” he said

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