DCI Officer Accidentally Sends His Sex Video on WhatsApp Group

A DCI officer from Nyeri is the talk of the town after he recorded a video having sex with a woman in a hotel room and accidentally sent it to a WhatsApp group.

It is now emerging that the randy DCI officer is based in Tetu and the woman he was having sex with in the viral video is also a DCI officer in the same region, although she is married.

According to his colleagues, he is nicknamed “Simba’’ because of his appetite for women.

He was reportedly transferred from Mumias DCI offices over his conduct.

“Tabia zake zinajulikana kila mahali (we know his reputation) even though he is very new here.

“We overheard some of our colleagues who have worked with him say he has a weakness for women and has no regard for age,” a source said.

Word has it that he intentionally recorded the video as proof to one of his friends that he had managed to win the heart of the DCI officer.

“Pengine alipoenda kutumia huyo rafiki yake kibahati mbaya akatuma kwingine na ndipo mambo ilichemka,” the source added.

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