TikTok, long hailed as the home of discovering nascent talent and the source of all-round feel-goodness and general gladdening material is now slowly slumping into a depravity cesspit with hundreds of Kenyans taking to the app to showcase their debauchery.

Over the months, hawk-eyed (no-pun intended) Kenyans have noted, with concern, the wicked TikTok hours within which audience-hungry Tiktokers, devoid of any solid content to sell, hop online to debase themselves and engage in tasteless licentious activities.

A Twitter user going by the handle @tviewws ignited the debate when he tweeted, “It’s time we talk about w** happens on Kenyan TikTok lives at 2-3 am Bro.”

As if on cue, hundreds of Twitter users jumped online to share their experiences with Kenyan Tiktok at those ungodly hours.

Cautious and expertly conniving, these Tiktokers avoid going Live on what we may call primetime hours due to fear of having their accounts reported and eventually blocked from the popular video-sharing app.

To navigate the TikTok Terms of Service, which, under community guidelines, state, “You may not use the Services to upload, transmit, distribute, store or otherwise make available in any way (including for the purposes of creating and/or streaming content) any User Content that is obscene, pornographic and/or paedophilic”, Kenyan Tiktokers prefer to go Live way past bedtime in order to attract like-minded individuals who may not necessarily report them for breaking the rules and transmitting negatively infectious content.

While some Tiktokers have been said to go live while broadcasting their own nudity, other Kenyan Tiktokers, around these devilish hours, prefer to broadcast themselves chewing khat (miraa) and engaging in idle, fantastical banter while others prefer to go Live while performing indecent sexual acts on themselves.

According to some TikTok users reacting under the Twitter thread, other Tiktokers even go live to spread the ‘devil worship’ narrative while performing fiendish rituals live on air.

During the Live, some female perpetrators, in exchange for nudity, are also said to be pinning their phone numbers and requesting financial support whilst soliciting through TikTok’s version of instant monetary support in the form of ‘gifts’.

“This is a crazy world. I have watched some of these Tiktoks at those hours and all I can say is, ‘Lord have mercy’. Every unthinkable thing is done at that time.

All the madness, all the dirty stuff. I cannot imagine teenagers or even younger children having access to TikTok at that time. Parents need to be very vigilant, ” Roy Mwangi, a concerned Tiktoker, said.

TikTok Lives immediately disappear as soon as the session has ended and are not archived for later viewing.

And in the case of a disgruntled user causing trouble during the live, the person going live can easily block the user in real-time and thus, has total control of what they publish and who gets to see it.

A Twitter user going by the handle, @JemillaMN tweeted, “I’ve been waiting for this conversation! And literally, all other Kenyan TikTok live sessions. Pure absolute unfiltered cringe!”

A Tiktoker using a username we cannot publish here due to its explicit nature, is one of the most notorious live creators whose sessions are littered with lurid, sexual content that spans for hours.

The user also posts risqué material on her timeline and is infamous for sometimes dragging along her little daughter to her rascality.

About 90% of people in the comment section are asking her to take the video down and desist from the behaviour. The video has close to 300 ‘Likes’.

She is not alone. Other Tiktokers have also made a notorious name for themselves.

Some are not even scared of dawn – as early as 9 on Tuesday morning, they were live advertising their bodies, asking people to specify the sort of sexual content they want and brazenly pushing their phone numbers to potential clients.

Veteran media personality Ciku Muiruri is one of the notable names who has been following the trend and has felt the need to make their displeasure known.

On Facebook, the outspoken former radio host posted, “Parents, TikTok has taken a dark turn and is not the harmless place it once was.

People are posting devil worship videos, mothers are asking for pay to get their underage daughters to do questionable sexually explicit dance moves and apparently at around 2-3 am, it’s a porn site. And I’m not talking about foreigners, these are Kenyans. God have mercy on us all.”

Her sentiments were echoed by hundreds of fans who jammed the comment section, many urging people to simply ‘uninstall TikTok’.

“Parents have to be extra vigilant. My five-year old daughter loves Tiktok and is always borrowing my phone to watch little girls dance on Tiktok. I’m always inspecting what she is watching.

Parents need to do that too. I cannot imagine my daughter stumbling onto some of these things so early in her life. And unfortunately, Tiktok seems to be doing nothing about it, ” Roy lamented.

Sourced from Citizen

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