Ruto’s closest ally Samson Charargei has affirmed that some of the Cabinet Secretaries will be fired for being incompetent. According to the Nandi Senator, the president is a workaholic and obviously he is not going to allow corrupt individuals to taint his administration.

Charargei has revealed an instance where president William Ruto discussed issues on Education in the Cabinet and in ten minutes, the list of appointees was out in the public.

Charargei is clear that Cabinet decisions are secret and that’s why this issues must never leak out of the Cabinet.

Charargei is also firm that president Ruto once returned Principal Secretaries and stopped them from addressing Parliament for drafting a shoddy presentation. Charargei is clear that president Ruto will obviously fire incompetent government officers.

Charargei statement comes after Ruto warned lazy CSs of possible sacking once he returns from South Africa. President Ruto has has remained firm that the Cabinet must deliver for they were not appointed into government to make deals and early lucrative money through per diem and imprests.

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