Today in the morning, reports have emerged that the president of this country Dr William Samoe Ruto has revoked an appointment that was made by his predecessor hon Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and made a replacement.

As reported by the Citizen TV, the president of this country has revoked the appointment of hon Joshua Toro as the chairperson of the National Irrigation Authority Board. Ruto went ahead to replace Mr Toro.

On this replacement, Ruto picked hon Gilbert Maluki as the new Chairperson. His appointment to this new role will last for three years as from today.

“President Ruto appoints Gilbert Maluki to be the Chairperson of the National Irrigation Authority Board for a period of three years; appointment of Joshua Toro revoked.” Said the reports.

On other hand, the head of state has appointed hon Rashid Echesa as the new Chairperson to a new role in the ministry of water and sanitation.

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