Mombasa High Court Judge Justice Olga Sewe ruled on Wednesday, May 17, to dismiss a petition filed by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko against the Supreme Court.

The petition aimed to challenge the Supreme Court’s decision to bar Sonko from ever contesting for a political office after his impeachment.

In delivering the ruling, Judge Sewe clarified that she lacked the authority to determine whether Sonko’s political rights were violated by the Supreme Court Justices.

She emphasized that her jurisdiction did not extend to hearing the petition filed against the seven Justices of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Judge Sewe expressed her perspective, stating, “I take the view that since this petition sounds more of judicial review than in violation of the constitutional right to a fair hearing, it is a matter that falls outside the mandate of the court by dint of Article 165(6) of the constitution.”

Sonko had sought the Mombasa High Court’s intervention to direct the Supreme Court to reopen his case and provide a fresh opportunity for litigation.

However, Justice Sewe declared that the relief sought by the former Nairobi Governor was null and void. Consequently, her decision reinforced the ruling of the Supreme Court.

While acknowledging the limitations imposed by the Constitution, Judge Sewe acknowledged the merit in the preliminary objection raised by the Supreme Court. Consequently, she struck out Sonko’s petition.

This dismissal of Sonko’s petition has brought an end to his legal battle against the Supreme Court’s decision, leaving the former Nairobi Governor unable to contest for any political office in the future.


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