Respectfully, I want to remind the President that in 2002, when nobody believed in him, it was Musalia Mudavadi who believed in him.

Mudavadi stood with Uhuru, sacrificed and lost his Sabatia  parliamentary seat.

He went against his own people just to stand with the President.

In 2013, Uhuru wanted to back Mudavadi but later backed down and blamed demons; we accepted that.

In 2017, we stood with Uhuru’s government and Mudavadi has been humbly behind him. President Uhuru is taking us for granted.

We have stood with him and it is now his turn to stand with us.

If there is anyone to whom he owes a debt, it is to Musalia Mudavadi.

Raila Odinga has never supported Uhuru; Mudavadi has always supported him.

As the youths of this country, we say Kenyans must be allowed to elect their leaders.

We shall not accept leaders  imposed on us. I ask the President to be very careful with his succession plans.

Recently, when Mudavadi started standing firm, they sponsored media stories about his alleged nonpayment of taxes, and Anglo Leasing.

Mudavadi was cleared of all those allegations. 

Even if they hand Mudavadi a tax arrears bill, we shall fundraise to clear it until he gets to the ballot.

Even if they bring all manner of cases, we shall stand with him in court so he becomes President.

Let nobody intimidate Mudavadi. 

We know they have panicked because they know that the six million votes Raila got in 2017 may not be there in 2022.


They fear Raila will lose the three million Luyha votes and the two million Kamba votes.

He will only remain with a million votes. I invite all leaders, including Raila, to support us in the One Kenya alliance.

However, he should know the captains are already there.

If he comes, I will be the gateman checking his temperature to ensure he is ‘clean’ before entry.

We have heard Raila may come but we will have to subject him to a lot of vetting.

By The Star

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