Ruto’s Latest Move Changes Raila Odinga’s Plan

Video footage has emerged online showing police vehicles present in Nairobi during the late hours of the night, indicating preparations for upcoming demonstrations.

The Azimio Parliamentary Group has expressed concerns about the alleged intentions of the opposing group, Kenya Kwanza, who they believe plan to infiltrate their forthcoming protests and incite violence against the protesters.

Despite these allegations, the leaders of Azimio remain steadfast in their determination to proceed with the anti-government demonstrations scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tensions heightened when President William Ruto issued a stern warning against the protests, urging the opposition to reconsider their stance.

In response to the upcoming anti-Ruto demonstrations, Pauline Njoroge has voiced her opinion. The Azimio coalition has reaffirmed their commitment to leading the protests at Kamukinji grounds in Nairobi County for three consecutive days.

Pauline Njoroge took to Facebook to state that Azimio has not organized any protests in Ruiru and Thika from tomorrow until Friday.

She accuses the UDA party of employing individuals in those areas to pose as Azimio members. According to Pauline, these individuals allegedly plan to engage in the destruction and looting of businesses with the intention of blaming Azimio for these actions.

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