Deputy President William Ruto assured President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga that they would enjoy state protection and immunity should he (Ruto) ascend to power in August 2022. 

Speaking in Migori County on Saturday, September 25, Ruto allayed fears that he would retaliate against the duo he has constantly accused of frustrating his efforts to win the upcoming General Election. 

He claimed that he is the best candidate suit to ensure their welfare is taken care of. 

“I will take care of them without bias. I will ensure they have adequate protection. The police officers assigned to them will ensure they move around and conduct their businesses freely. No problem! 

ODM leader Raila Odinga (left) with Deputy President William Ruto (right) at a funeral in Murang’a in October 2018FILE

Ruto further asked them to support his bid for Presidency as he supported both of them in previous elections. He alleged that he had the people’s support and was not distracted by Uhuru’s efforts to unite political leaders against him. 

“You are all aware that I campaigned for Baba (Raila) and vigorously pushed his agenda in 2007. I ensured he became Prime Minister. 

“In 2013 and 2017 I also campaigned for Uhuru. They have now joined hands to ensure I am locked out of the 2022 race. They have unveiled a gang,” he stated much to the delight of the crowd. 

Pundits and politicians had opined that the DP would sabotage Uhuru and Raila’s businesses in vengeance after the President kicked him out of his circles, handed his duties to Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and purged his allies from the government. 

Uhuru and Ruto have been embroiled in a public war of words, with both leaders accusing each other of abandoning their manifesto and plans for Kenyans. The DP argued that Uhuru and his handshake partner were to blame for economic woes and the high living conditions witnessed in the country. 

On the other end, Uhuru alleged that Ruto abandoned the Jubilee Party and the government. 

Orange Democratic Movement leader, Raila Odinga, also attacked the DP and his allies, claiming that they were corrupt and would embezzle all public coffers once they assume power in 2022. 

Raila vowed to jail all corrupt leaders when elected to State House. He stated that “These are the hyenas that you see that come here in sheep’s clothing they claim they want to fundraise for women groups… people will say this person is generous and he fears God because he’s helping the churches, the women groups and the youth groups but you are bought with your money that they have stolen.”

Kakamega Senator, Cleophas Malala, warned that the back and forth wrangles witnessed between Ruto and the handshake partners was alarming. The youthful leader cautioned that both Raila and Ruto will jail each other should one of them succeed Uhuru. 

According to the Senator, the two leaders have deep-rooted enmity that should be solved amicably prior to the General Election. Catholic Leaders called on Uhuru and Ruto to call a truce and end their feud. The same, they stated, should be extended to Ruto and Raila. 


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