Deputy President William Ruto has continued his sustained attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta with an accusation of alleged plans to manipulate the forthcoming elections.

The presidential hopeful took to his social media platforms to accuse his boss of sanctioning clandestine meetings geared at undermining, sabotaging and manipulating the presidential polls.

“Mr. President, why are chiefs and other public servants being forced and threatened in secret meetings to undermine, manipulate and sabotage peaceful elections? What will it benefit you to foment conflict amongst innocent Kenyans? Boss, let’s not take the country in this direction,” he said.

Ruto scathingly attacks Uhuru in Kapsabet
Ruto’s post comes just hours after he went bare-knuckles at the Head of State during a Kenya Kwanza campaign rally in Kapsabet, Nandi county.

In his vicious attack, the second-in-command told Uhuru to stop threatening him.

The Deputy President went blood and guts on his boss stating that he should be grateful for the support he gave him when he was seeking the top job.

“Be a decent human being. Kuwa na shukrani, sisi ndio tulikusaidia. Wacha kijifanya saa hizi ati sijui unajifanya nini…please. Wewe sasa unaanza kuthreaten mimi ati utanifanya nini…bora usiue watoto wangu, lakini mimi na wewe tuheshimiane,” Ruto said amid cheers from the crowd.

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