UDA MP Buys Expensive Helicopter

UDA Member of Parliament has left many Kenyans Suprised. Didmus Barasa, the Member of Parliament for Kimilili, has allegedly acquired a helicopter in the month of January, a time when many Kenyans are grappling with financial challenges. This development has sparked varied reactions among Kenyans, particularly in light of economic hardships.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi shared a commercial invoice revealing that the UDA MP has acquired a Robinson R66 helicopter with a mysterious Harmonized System (HS) code. The code, as alleged by the blogger, is believed to be strategically chosen to exempt the helicopter from certain taxes.

The blogger raised questions about the feasibility of such a purchase given Barasa’s reported monthly salary, which supposedly hovers around $4,000.

Expressing concern over the purported tax shielding, Nyakundi remarked, “As Kenyans grapple with a crippled economy, trigger-happy Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa (whose monthly salary barely grazes $4,000) has just brought in a five-seat Robinson R66 helicopter with an obscure Harmonized System (HS) code that shields it from the same harsh taxes currently suffocating his constituents.”

These allegations have triggered a wave of reactions from the Kenyan public, with some individuals defending the MP, while others feel disillusioned by leaders spending extravagantly amid challenging economic times.

Francis Gaitho, a former Parliamentary Aspirant, expressed skepticism about the authenticity of the news, stating, “Ain’t no way this can be real. An MP buying a chopper? The CDF coffers must be depleted from such acquisition.”

The public discourse surrounding these allegations underscores the tension between public expectations of financial prudence from elected officials and the reported lavish spending by some politicians.

The acquisition of high-value assets, such as a helicopter, raises questions about the sources of funds and financial transparency within political circles.

As the controversy unfolds, social media platforms have become a battleground for discussions and debates on the matter.

Some individuals have shared contrasting opinions, either defending the MP’s right to personal investments or expressing concerns about the optics and timing of such acquisitions.

It remains to be seen how Didmus Barasa will address these allegations and provide clarification on the details surrounding the purchase of the helicopter, especially considering the economic challenges faced by many Kenyans.

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