Ruto Loses Millions of Money in Kisumu

Chaos erupted during President William Ruto’s visit to Nyanza as his loyalists engaged in a bitter tussle, resulting in a significant setback for the tour.

The drama unfolded when two senior state officials found themselves in a heated confrontation, causing turmoil that spilled over to the leaders responsible for mobilizing the crowd.

The turmoil escalated as some politicians, many of whom had previously faced election defeat, mysteriously disappeared with the money allocated for mobilizing locals to attend the event and welcome Dr. Ruto. This sudden vanishing act left the team in disarray, struggling to convince the people to line up along the initial route to receive the President.

To make matters worse, President Ruto’s convoy had to be rerouted on its way to Kisumu due to the failure to rally the expected crowd. This unexpected turn of events has left officials fuming, with promises of consequences for the infighting that led to this chaotic situation.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the intense political dynamics at play in Nyanza and the lengths some are willing to go to secure their interests, even if it means running away with crowd mobilization funds.

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