Ruto Has Already Signed a Deal With Raila

During his weekly review about the state of the nation, Herman Manyora the political analyst, took that opportunity to send a message to the Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua, telling him to start preparing since, Ruto has already entered into a secret deal with Raila Odinga.

According to Manyora, he said that incase Raila and Ruto sits down to strike a deal, Rigathi Gachagua will be the first casuality, saying that Ruto is slowly dragging him to a slaughter house, and that he will be soon be thrown under the bus, despite him and other Kenya Kwanza allies throwing insults to Raila.

He went ahead to tell the deputy president that he might be greatly affected, by Ruto’s move to enter into a deal with the chief opposition leader, especially if he ever thinks of succeeding William Ruto, urging him to wake up.

He continued further to insist that the deputy president should not just be contented with insulting and shouting at the Azimio chief, but he should call the president aside with lot of respect and ask the president what his stake will be, should he enter into a deal with the Azimio boss.

Manyora said that from the look of things, its seems that the president has bowed down to Raila’s pressure, just like his predecessors who were also forced to do so, since without peace and stability, no matter how good leader you are, there is now way one can govern the country, and that its for that matter he foresees a secret deal between Raila and Ruto, that will claim alot of casualties especially those that are very close to the two leaders.

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