Why Bipartisan Talks Will Collapse

A political analyst and commentator have predicted a collapse of the dialogue between the government and the opposition chaired by Kimani Ichung’wa and Kalonzo Musyoka.

The commentator went ahead and gave Azimio 3 options to survive politically following Ruto’s visit to Mount Kenya which was reminiscent of his campaign period.

The Commentator went ahead and urged Azimio to get back to the roofs and counter Kenya Kwanza’s recent rhetorics against the opposition. He further advised Kalonzo to abandon the dialogue and use the chance to launch his 2027 presidential bid by harping on the government’s failures.

The Political Commentator finally advised Azimio to resume their weekly protests saying that the demonstrations exposed the Kenya Kwanza government.

The Commentator said that the protests unleash the most primitive character of the Kenya Kwanza administration which resorted to police brutality and unlawful detentions. He further stated that by calling off the protests, the Kenya Kwanza administration will grow more lethal unless Kenyans protest to tame and cage the Kenya Kwanza regime.

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