Murkomen in Deep Trouble After Firing KAA Managing Director

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen, in a move that surprised many, announced a major reshuffle in the top leadership of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).

The appointment of Henry Ogoye as the acting Managing Director was confirmed earlier today, replacing Alex Gitari who has been relieved of his duties. This announcement was made at the KAA head offices on Saturday, August 25.

The decision came on the heels of a major power blackout at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Friday, August 24. What made the situation worse was that the backup generators, meant to alleviate such incidents, were non-functional. This resulted in a considerable disruption in operations, with many flights delayed and passengers stranded.

Alex Gitari’s dismissal has already caused waves in the political circles, with several leaders voicing their concerns and disapproval of the decision. While some feel the move was warranted, given the massive inconvenience faced by travelers, others opine that holding Gitari solely responsible may be a knee-jerk reaction.

Saboti MP, Caleb Amisi, weighed in on the situation, expressing his disappointment. “@kipmurkomen I had accorded you an avalanche of accolades when you said sorry to the nation yesternight .But now what informs your decision to sack KAA MD and yet the blackout happened the whole country?”

Amisi suggested that the problem might lie elsewhere. “Why not sack the Managing Director of KPLC? Does JKIA generate electricity nowadays ? Or are you protecting your tribe ?,” he questioned.

On May this year, the Kenya Power Board of Directors appointed Dr (Engineer) Joseph Siror as the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Nevertheless, the change at the top of KAA signifies the government’s intention to prioritize efficiency and reliability at the country’s premier international gateway. Whether this move achieves the desired improvements or becomes a controversial topic of discussion in the coming days remains to be seen.

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