Ruto Forced to Walk in The Street of USA- Video

President William Ruto was at some point forced to abandon the high-end vehicles as he visited Swahili Village, an enterprise run by a Kenyan businessman Kevin Onyona in New Jersey, United States.

As seen in the video now doing rounds in social media platforms, Ruto was accompanied by a delegation from Kenya and plain clothed security as he walked in the streets of New Jersey.

At some point, President and his team had to go through a zebra crossing as the place the were going to was on the other side of the road.

Most of the palaces they were spotted walking in are those that could not be accessed by the vehicles, should everything seen in the video be anything to go by.

However, it is not yet clear whether the present was leaving the meeting he attended at the Swahili village, or whether it was when they were going to the meeting when the video was taken.

It should be remembered that the details of the meeting in New Jersey was shared by the President in his social media pages today morning.

Ruto had revealed that his main reason for going to New Jersey was to visit an enterprise run by a Kenyan businessman Kevin Onyona.

He also revealed that he was thrilled to witness the success of thriving Kenyans abroad.

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