Three principal secretaries in William Ruto’s government were turned away after they arrived late in President’s meeting.

Sources close to the happenings, reported that the trio arrived after 7AM when the meeting had already started; what did not augur well with their boss.

They were quickly asked to return to where they had come from as the president continued presiding over the retreat.

President Ruto used the opportunity to read riot act to his juniors whom he cautioned against laxity, carelessness and high-handedness on job.

The visibly tough-talking Ruto made it clear that his administration must work for the people of Kenya and not for self-benefit.

He asked each of his cabinet member to make sure there are no piles of files in office whenever they arrive from around the country.

He reminded them that the spirit of Bottom Up is what should inform service delivery inKenya Kwanzagovernment.

The head of State seized the opportunity to state that the people of Kenya elected him and his deputy through the ballot and, after that process, he had to appoint the Cabinet which must be answerable to him the same way he is supposed to explain to the electorate his achievements.

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