Elders from the family of self-confessed children serial killer Masten Wanjala now want his body buried by the river bank to prevent curses.

Wanjala, who confessed to killing more than ten children, was lynched in the evening of Thursday, October 14, but his family is adamant to lay him to rest.

Issac Misiko, an elder from Wanjala’s family told The Standard that, the body of the suspected killer should be buried, outside the homestead, in accordance with the Bukusu customs.

First, Misiko said rituals should be performed before and after his internment to drive out evil spirits that may haunt the family in future.

The elder added that the body should be buried by the riverbank and dead in the night.

He said Bukurus believe burying someone near the river would see the dead person’s bad deads and memories about him washed away down the stream.

Before Wanjala’s burial, Misiko said someone will go to their home and engage him in a ‘conversation’.

He will then splash a concoction meant to cleanse him and the family. After that, the person will be gifted a bull and while leaving the compound, he will have to walk without looking back.

Family disowns Wanjala

As previously reported, the family Wanjala disowned him, vowing not to lay him to rest.

The family of Mzee Robert Watila, Wanjala’s father, said they were not ready to bury the 20-yearold for fear of contracting a curse.

The family even skipped the suspected killer’s post-mortem which was performed by homicide detectives at Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.

Mukhweya’s Assistant Chief Abiud Musungu said Wanjala’s family had turned down calls from authorities to take a DNA test and bury their son

. Musungu said the family, which changed tune and suddenly disowned him immediately he was lynched, refused to do so saying they want more time to think about the matter.

The chief said the government might be forced to bury the suspected killer should his family maintain their stand.

By Tuko

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