In the Bible, God gave His people specific instructions not to consume pork meat. God forewarned us humans in the Old Testament that the pig was an unclean animal. This was because the pig is not intended for human food and is a scavenger as seen in Chapter 11 of the book o of Leviticus.

Regardless of your own personal perspective, pigs tend to be filthy animals. They frequently consume practically anything they can find and are regarded as the farm’s rubbish and waste eliminators.

This extends to their own excrement, the dead corpses of ill animals; including their own young, as well as bugs, insects and whatever leftover bits they discover lying around.

Simply understanding a pig’s diet can help one to understand why its flesh can often be so unclean or at the very least, less than palatable.

Here are the reasons why pork meat might not be good for your overall health:-

Pigs Have A Problematic Digestive System

There are a number of explanations as to why pig flesh accumulates more toxins than the meat of many of its farm animal counterparts.

The first explanation has to do with a pig’s digestive tract. Pigs tend to digest their food rather fast; up to four hours. A cow for example, needs around a day to fully digest its meal.

Animals including human beings usually eliminate extra toxins and other nutrients from food that may be harmful to health throughout the digestive process.

Since the pig’s digestive system functions in a simple manner, many of these poisons stay in its body and are then stored in its abundant fatty tissues for later consumption.

The fact that a pig can hardly sweat at all and has very few functioning sweat glands is another problem. The body typically usually employs sweat glands as a means of detoxification.

A s a result ,more poisons are left in the pig’s body. All of these poisons that the pig didn’t get rid of are transferred to you when you eat pork.

Bacon and Other Processed Pork Increase Cancer Risk

The World Health Organization(WHO) claims that processed meat products such as ham, bacon and sausage are highly carcinogenic.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer categorizes processed meat as a carcinogen; this means that it is something that will likely cause cancer.

According to research, eating processed beef such as bacon each day significantly increases your risk of colon cancer by nearly 18%.

Causes Swine Flu In Humans

Another virus that normally spread from pigs to people is the swine flu. Physical contact with infected pigs usually causes an increase in the risk of human infection with swine flu viruses.

The symptoms of a swine flu are:- Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain, seizures, dizziness, worsening of existing medical conditions and severe weakness or muscle pain.

You Are Likely To Get Trichinosis

Did you actually know that both the flesh and the bodies of pigs contain a variety of parasites. Even when cooked, some of these parasites are hard to eradicate. This explains why eating pork that is undercooked is so often discouraged.

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