Mercedes Benz saloon car on Monday, September 20, burst into flames at Roasters, along Thika Road, Nairobi.

Kasarani OCPD Peter Mwanzo affirmed to Kenyans, that the motorist was heading towards Thika from Nairobi when the vehicle’s engine suffered an internal electric fault.
The engine subsequently burst into flames, causing heavy traffic snarl-up on the busy highway.

He added that police officers swiftly rushed to the scene to prevent the whole car from being engulfed in flames.

“He was coming from Nairobi heading towards Thika. At around 12 pm, around Roasters, the car bursts into flames as the motorist was driving. The police officers rushed to the scene and the fire was put out within minutes,” Mwanzo stated.

The OCPD pointed out that the flames were caused by an electrical fault.

The incident elicited different opinions among Kenyans online who pointed out different maintenance issues that could have led to the electrical faults.

Speaking to a local media , Miller Kyalo, an automotive engineer and car expert, outlined several prevention measures that motorists ought to take heed to avoid such occurrences.
“First and foremost, you have to ensure that you use genuine parts recommended for a particular vehicle,” he stated pointing out that the most likely cause would be a battery short circuit.

According to Kyalo, another issue would be the electrical wiring system. He noted that motorists should take caution in choosing a skilled mechanic who is conversant with different car brands.

His sentiments were echoed by car expert Mark Mchuma who urged motorists to frequently check the fuses.

“Regularly you have to check the fuses to make sure that they are not faulty so that in case of any electrical malfunction, the pieces in the fuses will prevent the car from bursting into flames.

“Also, make sure that all the wiring is done correctly and also that the wires are insulated. In other instances, there is a possibility the coolant level was low, thus the engine overheated,” Mchuma stated.

Both experts agreed that motorists ought to conduct regular servicing of vehicles to prevent long-term maintenance issues from occurring.

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