ODM leader Raila Odinga on Monday outlined his 15-point agenda for the private sector, if elected president in the next General Election.

In a statement, the ODM leader said he would like to see the private sector empowered to make Kenya a trading nation.

“Increased exports will increase our revenues, create jobs, give us foreign currency reserves, boost our national saving and drive our international competitiveness,” Raila said.

To actualise this, the former Prime Minister whose emphasis is on manufacturing for export, said his administration will give tax breaks to the private sector, subsidised credit, state guarantees for borrowing, tariff exemptions and preferential access to imported inputs required to produce exports.

He went on to say that his government will provide a level playing ground for small and medium-size firms and big corporations.

“Our administration will pay particular attention to helping small and medium sized companies overcome challenges in overseas markets, give them export support services and diplomacy interventions,” he said.

Raila said his government will support the sector in shifting to exporting raw material and agricultural produce to industrial manufacturing.

He also pledged to help Kenyan companies secure international contracts.

“We shall provide firms with economic diplomacy and support them through political and economic intelligence, introduction and advice to exploit opportunities in new markets,” the former PM said.

By The Star Kenya

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