Today in the evening, the ODM party leader hon Raila Odinga who is also the opposition chief has come out to make a major announcment concerning the alleged electoral rigging in the republic of Kenya.

As seen from his facebook page, Odinga has announced that his Azimio camp genuinely won the last general elections. Odinga who was talking at Kalonzo Musyoka’s home said that were it not for rigging, they could have been declared as winners.

He went ahead to say that they are going to make rigging an expensive thing in Kenya that no one will ever attempt. Odinga said that due to alleged rigging, the cost of living has gone up.

“There is no doubt that Azimio won. We’ll make rigging so expensive that no one will ever consider it again. Look at what electoral theft has done to our economy.

Runaway taxation leads to a very high cost of living. Unless and until this issue is settled, there will be no peace. Thank you Wiper Democratic Movement for hosting us.” Said hon Raila Odinga.

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