Member of parliament hon Jane Kihara was forced to address the opposition leader Raila Odinga on matters that concerns the nation and seek him on the issue of maandamano.

Addressing the mourners at the late Mukami Kimathi’s burial today, Jane Kihara told Raila to sit down and rethink his actions on the nations.

She asked Raila to hold on and let the government work for the people of Kenya and fulfill their Mandate by not going back to the streets for maandamano.

“Your Excellency hon Raila Odinga, I beseech you, do not go back to the streets. Let the government work for the people. I ask you do not please. The government is working,” she said.

This comes even as the burial ceremony of the mau mau fighter is set to become more political with all the leaders expected to exchange bitterly while trying to defend their actions and be close to the family.

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