Pastor Hesbon Ndirangu who after visiting DP William Ruto at his Karen residence predicted that Raila Odinga will not see 2021 has himself died before his doom prophesy came to pass.

Ndirangu raised a furore over his doom prophecy saying that Ruto would not have a serious challenge in 2022 because Raila would die early enough.

The 48-year-old had in a statement revealed that the ODM leader would not see 2021 because the ‘spirit’ of the Lord showed him.

“The spirit of the Lord has shown me that Raila Odinga ataionea 2021 kwa viusasa vile vijana huwa wanasema. His time on earth is over” pastor Ndirangu stated.

Apparently, the same spirit didn’t show pastor Hesbon Ndirangu that he himself would not make it past 2021.

The controversial preacher collapsed and died under unclear circumstances on Sunday, August 23rd.

The preacher’s widow Cicily Ndirangu told a local media that her husband complained of a severe headache at 2 pm before succumbing to the pain in the evening.

“Tumempoteza mzee kwa njia isiyoeleweka. Yaani kichwa kuuma tu imesababisha kifo,” she stated amid tears.

Ndirangu was not the first preacher to predict Raila’s death. In 2019 Murang’a preacher Eddie Maina said the former Prime Minister would die on May 12th, 2020.

In a piece shared by Kenya Today, Prophet Maina who is well known for ‘Prophecy of the Handshake’, said the ‘lord’ had not revealed to him why he was going to end Raila’s life but he asserted that the ODM leader wouldn’t make it past May 12th, 2020.

Sourced from Sonko news

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