According to reports from a reliable source, it appears as if the ODM party or otherwise the Azimio coalition is in mourning.

This is after a politician who vied under the ODM ticket for the position of MCA in Githurai 45 in the last general election is said to have committed suicide yesterday.

As per the source, honorable Wakim is said to have visited his guest house on the 12th of June 2023 where he threw himself off the 6th floor of his building dying instantly.

Even though it is not clear why he may have resorted to such an act, Mr. Wakim is a popular man in Githurai as he owned a club and a guest house in the area.

Most politicians tend to disappear or keep off social media if they lose elections. Even though most Kenyans might say that they are going that because they have no money left, politicians often find it difficult after losing an election. However, most of them do not talk about it as they do not want to appear weak and vulnerable.

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