Kidney is a very important organ in our body. It serves a major purpose in cleaning and purifying our blood. This means that for it to function well, it should be healthy and clean.

It is advisable to clean our kidneys after every three months. This is because our ecosystem and the food we eat plus the drinks we take has some toxic substances that can be harmful to our kidneys.

As we all know that kidneys always filter our blood and eliminate salt and anything that is harmful, over time those substances accumulate and requires cleaning treatment.

This remedy in this article is the safest way to clean our kidneys for all ages.

Here is the way to do it;

Get a bunch of scent leaves and wash well. Cut them into small pieces and put them in a sufuria or a saucepan.

Add clean water and boil it for ten to twenty minutes.

Cool it and filter it in a clean bottle.

Drink one cup of it a day. Do it daily for at least seven days. All the salt and chemical substances in your kidneys will begin to appear when you urinate.

That’s the best natural and safe way for cleaning the kidneys, suitable for all ages and both gender

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