Rapper King Kaka says doctors gave him only four weeks to live. At the height of his illness, having discovered two worrying cavities in his lungs. 

Now on the mend, up-and-about, King Kaka is a man on a thanksgiving mission. 

“Xray showing niko na cavity kwa my 2 lungs bado walinipa 30days niishi, that was 4 months ago,” He wrote on Instagram. The rapper who rose to the top of the Kenyan food chain through masterful delivery of his poetic numbers, shocked Kenyans when he revealed that he had been unwell and had lost a whopping thirty-three kilos last year. 

Although he has yet to reveal the nature of his illness, the rapper and family man did reveal that he had been misdiagnosed at a plum city hospital, sending him down a winding path of weight loss and failing health. 

“Dear Fans, it’s only right that I share this with you. I have been sick for 3 months 8 days now. I was misdiagnosed.

Lost 33kgs and in the process we started hospital visits, did all the tests and they were Negative funny thing is I feel no pain and we are still hopeful that we will get the solution soon,” said Kaka.
At some point, King Kaka says it got so bad he had to learn how to eat, again. 

“Now I was being trained on how to eat; imagine it was that bad. I would take a spoon full of food and chew it for close to 30 minutes because I feel like puking, and I was learning how to eat,” added King Kaka.

Mostly, he thanks his wife, TV star Nana Owiti, who had his back at his worst of times. 

” From kulala kwa couch ya hospital ya bed then you wake up shower in the same hospital, go smile kwa T.V. like everything is okay to fight with nurses on why they are slow…to praying and encouraging me to eat mkisaidiana na moms, to sponge-bathing me when the temperatures were too high.

I am working on that road to recovery but I pray that God guides you and grants all your hearts’ wishes and Desires.”

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