1. Helps in weight loss.

Avocados are fiber healthy mono unsaturated like those found in olive oil, they are highly satiating. A half an avocado contains 10 grams of mono unsaturated fats and 5 grams of fiber.

2. It may help to lower high blood pressure.

Potassium regulates fluid in the body, and it can help reduce the blood-pressure raising effects of dietary sodium. Potassium relaxes the walls of blood vessels, further lowering blood pressure.

3. It will load you up with plant sterols.

Avocados boast a bumper crop of plant compounds that are believed to have a positive effect on heart health. Avocados contain almost 20 times more fat-soluble phytosterols than other fruits.

4. Beneficial for gut health.

Avocados are high in fiber. Getting enough fiber in your diet is essential for the health of the digestive system because it helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Greater bile acid concentrations induce intestinal inflammation and are related to the growth of microbes associated with negative health outcomes like colon cancer.

5. May help reduce heart disease risk factors.

Regularly consuming nutrient dense foods like avocados could help protect against heart disease.The vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and fiber found in avocados all play a role in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy.

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