Another worrying news to Kenyans as this arises. Babu Owino threatens to lead nationwide demonstrations over Ruto’s new university funding.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has vowed to organize nationwide protests against the new university student funding system.

In a media interview on Thursday, Babu argued that the Kenya Kwanza should fully fund university students.

“Should the government refuse to finance all university students at 100 percent we are going to give directions on nationwide demonstrations soon. These demos will include all Kenyans because in Kenya you are either a student or a student to be, a parent or a parent to be. The demos will start in the Rift Valley region,” said Owino

He argued that the new model would make education a reserve for the rich people in the country.

“Averagely, university programs cost Sh300,000. Needy students are expected to pay Sh21,000. A needy student cannot afford even a meal of Sh50 per day, where will they get Sh21,000?” Owino posed.

The ODM MP added that the new model will reintroduce malice in the disbursement of funds in the higher education sector.

“This is where tribalism, nepotism marginalization, and bribery will be the consideration for awarding scholarships and not merit,” he said.

Babu Owino’s statement comes after President Ruto on Wednesday announced that the government will be funding university students through scholarships, loans, and bursaries.

“The government shall fully fund the vulnerable and extremely needy students who comprise 29% of the students joining university and TVETs this year. The funding shall be through government scholarships, loans, and bursaries,” Ruto stated.

He added, “Students from needy households joining universities will receive government scholarships of up to a maximum of 53 percent and loans of up to 40%.

Their Households will only pay for 7% of the cost of their University Education. Those joining TVETS will receive government scholarships up to a maximum of 50% and 30% In loans. Their Households will pay 20% of the costs.”

Sourced from nation.

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