A section of legislators allied to the opposition have been arrested for leading protests in the City centre.

Some of those arrested include; Senate Minority leader Stewart Madzayo and one other female leader.

They had on Monday stormed the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

Soon after their entrance, they were dismissed by a police officer who hurled teargas canisters at them.

The protests were called by Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

It is not clear where they are being held.

On Saturday, Raila in an interview said they would peacefully march to State House to present their petitions to President William Ruto.

He, however, clarified that only a few individuals will walk into the State House if allowed.

“We will hand over our petition to the President wherever he will be, but peacefully… If he will be at State House, only two or three people will walk into State House to go and present the petition,” he said.

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