Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Sunday, December 19, disclosed some of the shortcomings and setbacks in the day to day life of a politician.

In an interview with the Standard, the lawmaker narrated that the job comes with a lot of negative banter that can sometimes be too much to handle.

Giving an example, Kuria, who is currently hospitalised in a health facility in Dubai, stated that one of his low points was a time when Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru peddled negative sentiments about his illness on social media.

He added that it became worse when Deputy President William Ruto received her as a member of the party.

“I actually shed a tear when I saw the Deputy President receiving my colleague Cate Waruguru to UDA a few days after she publicly wished me the worst through social media.

“But such is the stuff of life. I am not sure it would have been different even if I had pursued my original career wish of being a priest,” Kuria stated.

Waruguru had allegedly told Kuria that he would not know any peace on earth following his admission at a city hospital where he was receiving treatment after suffering injuries on his legs.

“May God not hear your prayers, but I will pray for you, my condition notwithstanding,” Kuria wrote while sharing the personal message sent by the Woman MP.

Kuria got third-degree burns on his lower limbs. Since the accident, he has been hospitalised for six weeks in Kenya and will be in hospital for another six weeks in Dubai. He has also undergone multiple surgeries.

Kuria is among one of the pioneer patients to receive the rare Stem Cell surgery on his feet.

“I am receiving the best treatment which will continue until February 19, my 51st birthday, when I expect, God willing, to be back to Kenya, energetic and strong as a butcher’s dog,” he added.

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