Mike Sonko Finally Receives Good News From Court

The Director of Public Prosecutions has suffered a setback in the trial against former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and others, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) attempted to challenge a directive issued by Principal Magistrate Eunice Nyutu.

The directive required the DPP’s office to provide a list of documents to be used by a witness before testifying.

However, Justice Nixon Sifuna firmly dismissed the DPP’s application, asserting that the trial court has the authority to manage its own proceedings. This decision dealt a significant blow to the DPP’s efforts.

The trial itself is no small matter, with hundreds of pages of documents and numerous witnesses ready to testify about alleged corrupt practices in high public office. Principal Magistrate Nyutu’s directive was seen as a necessary step to streamline the complex case.

Mike Sonko and several individuals and companies are facing a total of 19 counts related to procurement irregularities for tenders worth Sh357 million during Sonko’s tenure as Nairobi governor.

The directive, issued to save time due to the extensive court file, stands as a reminder that the court maintains control over its proceedings, and the DPP’s bid to challenge it has been unsuccessful.

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