Youths who visited deputy president William Ruto at his Karen home are a sad lot after they opened up about their predicaments.

These youths lamented that they were kept at Ruto’s Karen home from morning but until 4 pm, they had not been given food, not even water to drink.

From the video clip seen by Sonko News, the visibly angry youths revealed that it was 4 pm but there were no signs of food or transport to take them back home as those in charge gave them a wide berth.

“Tulikuja hapa mapema na tukasema tunataka tuone mweshimiwa DP. Lakini kwa sababu ya watu ambao ni ma cartels, watu wamepewa watupee pesa na hawajatupea sisi pesa mpaka saizi kwanzia asubui bado tuko hapa hivi. Na hatujakula na hatuna fare. Tunataka ivi, tunataka mweshimiwa Ruto ajue ya kwamba sisi hatujakula kwanzia asubui, nataka mweshimiwa DP ajue ya kwamba hatuna fare, nataka mweshimiwa DP iyo haki aalisema kila mtu apate sisi watu wa starehe hajujapata.”

Loosely translated: ” We came here very early to see deputy president William Ruto but some cartels who were given money are yet to give us any coin since we started waiting here. To make it worse, we have not even eaten. We want the deputy president to know that we have not eaten since morning and we have no transport to take us back home. Further, let him know that whatever he provided to be given to us has not been delivered.

Fast-forward, these youths left William Ruto’s Karen home a bitter lot and started attacking Ruto while chanting ODM/Raila/Dynasty/Mwizi at the gate.

So mad were these youths that they almost brought the transport within the DP’s residence to a standstill.

“Raila Amollo Odinga, ODM, Tibim, UHuru, Raila Tosha, Raila Tosha,” Said the youths as they sang Raila Usilale bado mapambano.

In the meantime, the hawk eyed general service unit (GSU) within  Ruto’s Karen home dispersed the hungry crowd.

Sourced from Sonko news

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