If you are crossing the ferry towards mainland, you will not fail to hear someone mention the name Sir James. It’s a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with Mombasa politics. James Mwanthi Muunda popularly known as Sir James is arguably the most famous MCA aspirant in Mombasa county. In fact he is more popular than most parliamentary aspirants in the region.

James Muunda is vying for MCA in Timbwani Ward. Many political analysts foresee him winning with a landslide. Unlike many politicians who seek to lead, he has been called by the people to serve. They have seen what he has done in public and private sector and they now want him to transform Timbwani Ward.

For many years James Muunda has worked with NGOs to eradicate poverty in Likoni area. He has helped countless families. He is a compassionate man and a philanthropist.

If he has been helping the needy using his own funds, you can imagine the great works he will achieve at county assembly. He is one leader the people of Timbwani have no doubt that he will deliver. Even with elections few months ahead, people keep flocking at his residence to seek help in one area or another. He never turns anyone back instead he has everyone’s back. He is always ready to serve the people.

On 9th August, if you are a resident of Timbwani make sure you vote for James Muunda. You will be on the right side of history and you will have done a noble duty in making sure Mombasa County Assembly gets one of the most morally upright politician in history. Timbwani Ward is greatly indebted to you

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